Choose to Reuse | Save Money!

Inflation Killing your Checking Account? Permitting fees/wait times killing your time frame plans? Want to remodel, replace, repair? Clean World Movement can help you save 75% or more in materials! You see us post about Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose constantly. Reduce, Reuse, and Repurpose, are methods that benefit the environment as a whole, and your bottom-line. 

More than 75% of American Consumers opt to purchase via e-commerce, rather than brick and mortar locations. Social networks such as Facebook, Nextdoor, Google, Amazon, Twitter, all have marketplaces that are searchable per your parameters. Whether it’s a door or a car, distance you would like to travel to pick up, you can customize your search to optimize the best results, and often times these products are used and discounted. In this way, you are reducing the amount of materials used to produce a new product and reusing the used product instead.

Most if not all items lose value as soon as they leave the store or lot. This is where your savings come in. Did you know that if you reuse building materials there is no Permit Required?! (check your local laws, as they change often). This little loophole saves both time and money. By shopping an online marketplace locally for what you need, often times what you're looking for can be found free or greatly discounted! 

Here's where your due diligence is vital to ensure you get a good deal. Was the listing called by the seller correctly? If the item has flaws are you willing to accept or have the ability to repair them? Are you willing to make a trip to pick up the item before it is gone? We at CWM highly suggest you never give a deposit in any amount to anyone not personally known to you (and even then be skeptical LOL). Bring cash for these types of transactions as a further safety measure. 

Being willing to purchase used items over new, reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfills, waterways, oceans. Your purchase of a used product reduces the amount of natural resources harvested to produce the brand new product. By shopping used, you are not only saving your hard earned income, you are also playing a role in cleaning our planet. As you shop used and choose to reuse, you are joining our Clean World Movement.


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