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Sustainable Projects

Sustainable Projects

Recycling Plant

Recycling is one of the most successful solutions to reducing waste. However, according to National Geographic, plastic takes 400 years to …
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Concerts & Festivals

Concerts and festivals are amazing ways to spread awareness and generate funds for the Clean World Movement. CWM is planning on having 12 …
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CWM Debit Card

CWM's debit card is made from recycled plastic and helps clean the environment with each swipe. Your monthly donation funds clean up …
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CWM Seed Balls

The Clean World Movement (CWM) will be sending out our Seed Balls to highlight the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.What are Seed Balls? Seed …
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The Difference We Made

Pollution has fractured every part of our environment. Many habitats and wildlife cannot defend themselves from the devastating effects of man-made waste.​

To solve this problem, we created the Clean World Movement.

Before CWM

Plastic Polluted Ocean

Millions of animals each year are affected by plastic and waste being put on our land, waterways, and air.

Environment Pollution

Trash, waste, plastics, and other non-biodegradable materials will pollute our earth for centuries if not properly dealt with.


Most plastics end up in a dump, landfill, waterways, or as litter.

Trash on Beach

Plastic and waste collect on beach fronts and finally end up in the ocean.

Air Pollution

Highly toxic greenhouse gases are continuously released around the world from the use of fossil fuels.

After CWM

Turtle in the Reef

Marine animals deserve a clean, healthy habitat to spend their lives in.

Green Roofs

Rooftop gardens allow for the reduction of carbon from the atmosphere, as well as reduce the chance for development which causes more air, land, and water pollution.

Zero Waste Bathroom

The ultimate objective of the future is to have products that are biodegradable and will not cause more pollution to our environment.

Clean Beach

Beaches are some of the most beautiful locations on our planet. It is so important to keep them clean and preserved.

Melting Iceberg

By reducing air pollution, we can slow the rate of climate change and save the northern habitats from losing all their wildlife and natural wonders.

25 of Our Favorite Green Musicians & Bands


In 1997, the band created the environmental organization the Waterwheel Foundation which supports selected non-profits from each city the band performs in. Proceeds are taken from donations, as well as sales of merchandise bearing their logo. In its fifteen year history, the foundation has donated over half a million dollars to more than 300 groups nationwide. Each non-profit group has social and environmental services.

Alanis Morissette

Morisette became a vegan in 2008. This impacted her outlook on many social issues, including the environment. She has narrated several shows on PBS that target environmental change and education, such as 2009’s “The Great Change.” Along with many other well-known musicians, she has joined the group REVERB, which monitors and helps limit the impact on the environment that artists have while touring. She has also openly opposed US oil companies drilling in Alaska.


Over the years, Coldplay has continuously been quite vocal about their beliefs on environmental protection as well as fair trade, using the stage as a promotional platform. Recently, the band partnered with ClientEarth, a group that enforces environmental laws throughout different countries, working with local governments and local green groups. The band has also pioneered strategies such as carbon-neutral CDs and tree planting in areas that struggle economically.


In 2009, Moby performed a free show in MTV Europe’s “Campaign to Stop,” which targets climate change awareness amongst people ages 15–34. Moby also became visibly involved with Al Gore during his production of the environmentally conscious movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.

John Legend

Legend has gone the extra mile to make all his tours as green as possible. Beginning in 2009, he teamed up with REVERB, a non-profit organization that has helped him keep his tours as environmentally friendly as possible, getting fans involved with things like carpooling. His website includes other tips for concertgoers on how to help out, including giving prize incentives. He was also part of President Obama’s Green Inaugural Ball, which promoted the then-president’s support of sustainable energy.

Thom York

Thom Yorke, the lead singer for the band Radiohead, has been involved with several efforts to bring awareness to the changing environment. His group is known for promoting as many environmentally conscious actions as possible while on tour, including using biofuel on tour buses. They also try to get their fans and concertgoers involved in their efforts by playing shows where the venues are supported by public transportation. In 2009, Yorke attended the UNCCC in Copenhagen.

Sheryl Crow

Crow, like so many other artists, has found ways to limit her carbon footprint by refining her tour practices. Reusable water bottles have been used by the crew, and her group has developed the practice of using compostable materials when possible. She estimates that she has removed more than one million pounds of CO2 through recent efforts to make her music sustainable.


The lead singer for the band U2 has long been outspoken for the causes he believes in, which include many environmental issues; he even drives a car that runs on ethanol. Bono has also developed a clothing line called EDUN, which promotes fair working conditions for its employees while also being conscious of the local environment. The entire band has been active with the group Greenpeace, and together they protested a nuclear power plant that was scheduled to open in England.

Linkin Park

The group is part of Music for Relief, an organization whose cited mission is to support disaster relief and reduce global warming. They have joined forces with Habitat for Humanity to make green housing accessible to those who would otherwise have no place to live. The band is also bringing awareness to deforestation by helping groups such as American Forests Global ReLeaf Program.

Michael Franti

The lead vocalist for the band Spearhead, Michael Franti, feels called to fight against social injustice and to champion environmental issues. As is common with many bands these days, Franti is vigilant about going as green as possible while touring. This includes using biodiesel fuel and condemning the use of plastic water bottles. Spearhead played at President Obama’s Green Inaugural Ball in 2008. He is also a member of Rock the Earth, an organization that educates about environmental concerns.

Willie Nelson

Perhaps the most well-known environmentally conscious musician of recent times is Willie Nelson. He famously made his own brand of fuel, known as BioWillie, which is made mostly of soy beans. It was twenty-seven years ago that Nelson helped begin Farm Aid, a yearly concert from which most proceeds go to American, family-owned farms promoting local, organic, and healthy foods. He is also a big proponent of using hemp for fuel and clothes.

Arcade Fire

For some acts, words are as loud as actions. The Arcade Fire has directly addressed the growing concern over urban sprawl in their music as they sing, “Dead shopping malls rise like mountains beyond mountains, and there’s no end in sight. I need the darkness. Someone please cut the lights.” The Canadian band also recently joined forces with REVERB to decrease the amount of waste produced during their concerts and while on tour.

Norah Jones

As with so many touring outfits, the traveling entourage that is necessary to put on the show for Norah Jones and company has a hefty carbon footprint. Jones benefits from the services of REVERB; the company helps her find avenues for more efficient gigging. This simple act of awareness is often the most important step towards a greener lifestyle.

Dave Mathews Band

In the green arena, this group has outdone itself nearly every time it has hit the road. Dave Mathews has experimented with biodiesel for touring vehicles and often looks for ways to make his merchandise environmentally friendly. Using these and other methods, such as carbon offsetting practices to reduce the impact of touring, the band has reduced their carbon footprint by nearly 3 million pounds of CO2. Expect more eco-innovation from these environmental champions.

Neil Young

Young was one of the very first to use and promote biodiesel as an alternative fuel source. He once had each of his seventeen vehicles on tour using fuel made mainly from soy beans and vegetable oil. He has sung about people’s negative impact on the earth since the 1970s, when he released the song “Vampire Blues.”

Bonnie Raitt

This rocker has not only been an activist for the environment herself but also helps to inspire and recognize others who have done the same. In 2002, Raitt held a Green Highway Tour, a concert that spread the message of alternative energy sources. On her tours, she has eco-villages set up with examples and information given out to concertgoers to help spread the word. She also co-founded the Musicians United for Safe Energy Group, which fights nuclear power usage.

Jack Johnson

Johnson owns the building housing Brushfire Records, which is made out of eco-friendly materials from top to bottom. Not only are there solar panels on top of the roof, but there are blue jeans used as insulation inside the walls. The covers of all CDs produced there use only recycled paper. Hailing from Hawaii, he helped develop an organization there that educates people on how to be environmentally active in their everyday lives.

KT Tunstall

Tunstall has worked on bringing environmental issues to the forefront since her debut album in 2004. She also practices what she preaches, having planted over 1,500 trees in her native Scotland. She also works with the Carbon Neutral Company, a group that keeps track of one’s use of electricity and fuel, which she monitors closely while she is on tour.

Cloud Cult

This band of indie rockers truly stands out among the crowd. They have gone out of their way to make sure that their products are as eco-friendly as possible. Cloud Cult begins with the packaging of their CDs, using repurposed jewelry cases. They even created their own record company, Earthology, which utilizes geothermal sources of renewable energy.

Pearl Jam

The old school outfit helped begin the Carbon Portfolio Strategy, which teaches children about environmental issues. Pearl Jam has donated their time, but they have also donated their financial resources to help foster awareness about renewable energy uses as well as climate change concerns.

The Roots

The house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has long been an advocate for the environment. These patrons of Mother Earth work with many organizations, such as PETA, Organix, the Green Music Group, and Global Inheritance, to promote awareness on many different environmental issues. The group also works with REVERB to ensure that their concerts and tours are as green as possible.

Green Day

This mainstay punk band has a name quite suited for an environmental group that has been very active on the green front. They have been heavily involved in efforts to promote alternative energy as opposed to more traditional fossil fuel consumption.

Barenaked Ladies

This Canadian band was one of the first to promote the use of alternative fuel to limit the impact of constant touring. With the help of companies like REVERB, the group has incorporated organic food into its routine fare and embraced biodegradable materials whenever possible. Repurposing items, like broken guitar strings, as jewelry is only one of the innovative ways the band has tried to recycle.


The members of Guster take environmentalism very seriously. The activism of the band is perhaps best demonstrated in guitarist Adam Gardner’s creation of the non-profit company REVERB. This consulting operation is responsible for many of the sweeping changes seen in the music community in recent years. Few artists have done as much to raise awareness for the modern environmental movement.

Don Henley

Henley, a former member and founder of The Eagles, has taken on the challenges of land preservation. The mission closest to his heart is the Walden Woods Project, where he has worked for the past 20 years to save the land where Henry David Thoreau lived and worked. He also began the Caddo Lake Institute, which raises money for research on ecology. Through this effort, he has managed to protect 26,000 acres of wetland in his home state of Texas.

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