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CWM Charity Bracelet

Earth is overrun by pollution. Enough is enough! NOW we need to make a difference to clean our world. In order to reverse the damage done to our world, and begin our earth's cleanup, we all need to work together to help. 

Our Clean World Movement Bracelet is a custom, one-of-a-kind, ocean-themed jewelry piece which helps fund CWM's earth cleanup projects and environmental conservation objectives.

With beads featuring sea turtles, starfish, and sea glass, your CWM charity bracelet serves as a beautiful, daily reminder of your contribution to conservation efforts. Wearing your CWM charity bracelet shows everyone you are helping to make a difference in cleaning our earth.

The world needs our help to become clean again. We have the solution for the pollution; support our Clean World Movement!

Estimated shipping time is 7-14 days.

What Does CWM's Bracelet Symbolize?​

Sea Glass

Sea Glass is well regarded as a symbol of renewal and healing, a metaphor for life.

Fun Fact: There is much less now due to the use of plastics more often and sea glass being collected.


The Starfish is a universal symbol of renewal and healing. The starfish is a symbol of our ability to shed a bad habit to make room for a healthier one,  an example of how to rid oneself of excess baggage to make room for a new outlook on life.

Fun Fact: Starfish are not fish, but an animal called an Echinoderm, like sea urchins and sand dollars.

Sea Turtle

Because of their long lifespan, sea turtles often symbolize patience, wisdom, endurance, and good luck. Let us work together to make sure sea turtles continue to have long lives without the dangers of plastic pollution.

Fun Fact: Sea turtles can not retract into their shells to hide like other turtles.

The Circle

Circles are symbolically important today -often used to symbolize harmony and unity.



Contact Us - Together, We Can Make Our Planet Shine!

Thank you for your interest in the Clean World Movement, a dedicated 501(c)3 non-profit organization working tirelessly to clean our world and create a brighter future. We are grateful for your help in combating pollution and building a cleaner, greener planet. Your involvement is crucial to making a real difference and ensuring a sustainable world for generations to come. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form below. Together, we can create a cleaner world that we can all be proud of.